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Every business needs broadband and a super-fast, reliable connection can be yours with A1 Comms.

However large your company, a business broadband package from A1 Comms will give you the fastest download and upload speeds possible, combined with the highest level of ongoing support and service, to ensure your business requirements are met.

We make it easy for you to decide which product or service you require. We will even check what is available at your location and what speeds could be achieved.

We can also provide static IP addresses as part of our Business broadband packages which makes it easier to host and run your own website, FTP and email servers, and allow you to connect to your work computer from anywhere.

Broadband Options:


ADSL has been around for a long time and has seen several revisions in its time as speed has gradually increased. The standard offering these days is ADSL2+ which has a download speed of 24Mb and an Upload speed of about 1.3Mb.

These speeds however are always stated as an “up to”, as varying factors can reduce the speed of the connection. The main factor being the distance of the customers’ premises from the actual telephone exchange because the signal breaks down over long distances.


Often advertised as BT Infinity or SFBB (Super Fast Broad Band) it is often written as FTTC or Fibre To The Cabinet. This new addition to the broadband family offers speeds of up to 80Mb download and 20Mb upload. The difference is that the copper wire only needs to take a signal from the premises back to the first green cabinet in the street, a much shorter distance. From here it is converted and sent the rest of the way over a Fibre Optic connection, which is not affected by distance or signal breakdown.

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