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Every business needs broadband and a super-fast, reliable connection can be yours with A1 Comms.

However large your company, a business broadband package from A1 Comms will give you the fastest download and upload speeds possible, combined with the highest level of ongoing support and service, to ensure your business requirements are met.

We make it easy for you to decide which product or service you require. We will even check what is available at your location and what speeds could be achieved.

Business broadband can also provide static IP addresses which makes it easier to host and run your own website, FTP and email servers, and allow you to connect to your work computer from anywhere.

Call A1 Comms today and let us propel your business into the digital fast lane!

Broadband Key Solutions

A1 Comms have a business broadband solution for any size of business from a sole trader to a small to medium business or a large organisation. We have a range of packages offering high speed and consistently reliable internet access, all designed to give your business the flexibility to grow.

VoIP and Broadband
As with everything, the transmission of a VoIP call over the internet utilises bandwidth. As a call is two way information sent in both directions, it is obvious that the emphasis on download for most products could be a problem here. Additionally, if the broadband connection is being heavily utilised for data, there might not be enough for the VoIP, so a dedicated connection is usually recommended. Even more so an uncontended assured product may be required.

ADSL has been around for a long time and has seen several revisions in its time as speed has gradually increased. The standard offering these days is ADSL2+ which has a download speed of 24Mb and an Upload speed of about 1.3Mb.

These speeds however are always stated as an “up to”, as varying factors can reduce the speed of the connection. The main factor being the distance of the customers’ premises from the actual telephone exchange because the signal breaks down over long distances.

ADSL Annex M
Works the same as ADSL however a portion of the download speed is traded off for upload speed, increasing to about 2.5Mb. An ideal line for a small VoIP phone system to sit on.

Often advertised as BT Infinity or SFBB (Super Fast Broad Band) it is often written as FTTC or Fibre To The Cabinet. This new addition to the broadband family offers speeds of up to 80Mb download and 20Mb upload. The difference is that the copper wire only needs to take a signal from the premises back to the first green cabinet in the street, a much shorter distance. From here it is converted and sent the rest of the way over a Fibre Optic connection, which is not affected by distance or signal breakdown.

Similar to the above, however this time the Fibre Optic cable reaches all the way to the actual customer’s premises giving up to 300Mb download and 30Mb upload. This package can be quite costly and availability is currently limited, so one to recommend on caution.

Similar to ADSL – Symmetrical DSL works using very similar technology however the up and down speeds are as the name would suggest, the same. With a top speed of 2Mb it is a fairly redundant option however, it does work well over longer distances.

An EFM line is also symmetric. EFM makes use of a standard pair of telephone lines to achieve a connection, but the actual speeds are fairly low at around 2-5Mb. multiple pairs can be “bonded” together increasing the speed reaching around 40Mb, making it a flexible option for companies that are expanding. New technologies also make this fairly redundant however it is an uncontended product meaning it does have a niche position in the marked and again is ideal for VoIP.

Fibre or leased line is a direct fibre connection purposely installed for the customer. Speeds run from 1 to 1000Mb in both directions. Installations can be costly with high “excess construction” charges. This product really is focussed for the high end corporate installations.

Anything Else You Should Know

  • All broadband and fibre packages come with a single static IP address free of charge, however you can order more if required.
  • Wireless routers can be purchased via our partners – these are preconfigured, so work on a plug and play basis.
  • To use our broadband or fibre, you must also take your landline service from us.
  • Existing broadband and fibre services can be transferred to us – you’ll need to obtain a MAC code from an existing service provider to complete the transfer.
  • Broadband and fibre is not available on ISDN lines – you will need an analogue line.

How Much Does It Cost?

As you’d expect, we offer flexible pricing on line rental and minute bundles together with care and service packages and call features. Please contact A1 Comms for bespoke pricing information.

How Long Will It Take To Install?

Transfer or Install Lead Time
Transfer landline from another service provider 10 working days
New landline installation 10 working days

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Why Choose A1 Comms for your Business Broadband?

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Huge Range of Options

Whether your company needs ADSL or fibre broadband, we can help achieve the best outcome for you in only 10 working days. Take advantage of the fastest download and update speeds possible and unleash the potential of your business.

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Best Available Prices

We will always provide the greatest Business Broadband deal possible and ensure you get a price plan that is bespoke to you. Our team promise to find you deals in partnership with leading providers.

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Unbelievable Speeds

We offer the quickest broadband available to you and ensure that you receive the best speeds tailored to you. We will never try to persuade you that you need more broadband than you do and will honestly provide you with details of usage caps.

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Advice When You Need It

Let our friendly panel of experts guide you through any questions you may have and protect your business from hidden broadband charges. We will provide you with as much information as you like in regards to anything you may be unsure about.

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Reliable Connections

We can assure you that Business Broadband taken through us will be just as reliable as you expect it to be. Our broadband will make it easy for you to connect to and view your files at work or out of the office.

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Room to Grow

As all of our Business Broadband packages are made to measure for you, we can confidently state that your business will have the flexibility needed to grow. High speed and reliable broadband will always be at hand with our deals.

Bespoke Pricing Available. Contact Us for a Quote.