Buy Back

Buy Back Scheme

Unlock value securely and compliantly from your old mobiles and tablets.

A1 Comms Business operate a business grade handset recycle system designed to offer business customers.

Simple, fast and effective processing

Maximise value for our customers

Meet environmental requirements

Ensure data security is not breached

Environmental and Due Diligence Assured

Safety Assured

Safety Assured

MobiCHECK blacklist information

SHARE database access

Maximum protection against theft and fraud

Environmental Agency

Environment Agency

T11 exemption status

Approved Carrier, Broker and Distributor

Assured refurbish & re-use where possible


GDPR Compliance

ADISA approved data erasure

All devices intrinsically data wiped prior to

Veri Sign
Waste Care

Simple Process


(24 Hours)

Customer/A1 sends list of devices for quote.

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(1-3 Days)

On acceptance we arrange customer collection. Email triggered confirming collection date.

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(1-5 Days)

We inspect, list and grade all product received. Email triggered confirming products received.

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(24 Hours)

Full detailed report generated for acceptance. Email triggered for accept / decline.

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(Automated 14 Days)

Data certificate issued, Added to payment run. Email triggered dependent on route selected.

How we assess and class your phones and tablets


  • Turn on / off (with all buttons working)
  • Have a working touch screen (without cracks or damage)
  • Be fully functional* (light wear and tear** is acceptable)
  • Working screen (no cracks or pixel damage)
  • Have no damage to case (no cracks or chips)
  • Have a fully working operating system (software)
  • Include its battery
  • Battery health percentage must be above 80% if not the handset will be classified as average (iPhone only)
  • Not be water-damaged (water indicators must not be pink/red)
  • Be removed from any iCloud / Samsung / Google accounts


  • Crack or smashed screen
  • Heavy wear and tear
  • Include its battery
  • Be intact - not crushed or snapped in half
  • Not have any missing parts or components
  • Be removed from any iCloud / Samsung / Google accounts

* Devices with no power will receive a non-working price and the CPU will be drilled for data erasure compliance.