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Operating directly with tier 1 suppliers, A1 Comms provides you with access to the biggest and most reliable telecommunications networks in the UK ensuring a robust and reliable service, offering a variety of fixed line solutions detailed below.


We understand that no two companies have the same communications needs. That’s why, rather than delivering an off-the-shelf solution, we’ll create a bespoke business phone calls and phone line bundle to suit your specific business requirements. By working alongside you to fully understand your business, we’ll be able to hand-pick and combine only the best products and services to create your perfect calls and lines bundle.

Analogue Line

The everyday analogue telephone line is sometimes referred to as a PSTN Line (Public Switched Telephone Network) and is the most common type of installations from consumers to business. A typical installation would see it installed in your premises, using the standard copper network and terminated at a white telephone socket sometimes called the NTE, or a Master Socket.


Integrated Services for Digital Network (ISDN) is installed into your premises using the standard copper pairs that a normal telephone uses. The key difference is that it is capable of carrying more than one service. Rarely now, but historically it was often used for higher speed internet access back in the days of the old modems.Now it is generally just used for phone calls. The key attraction with ISDN is that it can carry more than a single call at any one time, 1 x ISDN2e line will carry up to two calls simultaneously, it also allows for the addition of extra numbers often known as DDI’s. To utilise an ISDN an internal PBX (Telephone system) is required. Up to 4 ISDN2e lines can be installed giving up to eight simultaneous calls. However, with a PBX there may be many more internal extensions and desk phones than you have lines.


Offering similar services to ISDN2e, the major difference is that an ISDN30 is provided using Fibre Optic cable to the premises and as the name would suggest, is capable of supporting 30 channels. The channels can carry both calls and data, the latter being less common. Although termed “30”, this is the maximum channel capacity and there is no need to have all 30 activated. There is a minimum however of 8 which aligns with the general cut of point of 4 x ISDN2e = 8 and is the next logical step should you require more than 8 concurrent calls throughout your business.

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