EE Leads the Way with 5G


The launch of 5G has been much anticipated for a while now. EE widely is recognised to be a trailblazer in this next generation of mobile communications – this month they were the first in the UK to trial 5G internet. With further trials in store and plans to launch 5G properly next year, we take a look at what EE have been up to and what we can expect from them in the coming year.

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BT given Green Light to Complete EE Takeover

BT EE Takeover

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has given BT Group approval to complete its £12.5 billion takeover of mobile phone giant EE. The proposal and impending completion will merge the UK’s largest fixed line and mobile network providers.

BT currently has a 37.6% slice of UK home landline industry and will add EE’s 33.8% mobile share to its stake, bringing the 35 million customers of each company together. This will most likely result in the BT/EE merger becoming the dominant superpower in the telecommunications market.

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