A1 Comms Celebrate Record Breaking Turnover

A1 Comms record breaking turnover

A1 Comms are proud to announce that they witnessed a record-breaking turnover in 2018 as predictions confirm they are set to hit upwards of £130 million by the end of their financial year in March. The news of this comes as A1 announce that they are setting their sights on a target revenue of £150 million over the coming year. Surpassing the £150 million mark for the year end 2020 would mean a growth in turnover of over 13% and A1 Comms are confident that they will achieve this.

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How to Stay Connected with Employees Working from Home Over the Festive Period


With flexible working on the rise in general, the Christmas and New Year period is a particularly popular time for people to work from home. This is helpful for people who are visiting families that live far away, or need to keep an eye on the kids during the school holidays. The internet makes it easier than ever for people to work from home. However, you don’t want to run the risk of communication lapses leading to mistakes, inefficiencies or delays. These are our top tips for making home offices work for the employees and businesses alike in the festive period.

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How to Tell If VoIP Would Work for Your Company


VoIP stands for Voice-over-Internet Protocol and is where phone calls are made via the internet rather than PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) or ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), as used by traditional landlines. VoIP is something you may have heard of, or even have used on your personal mobile. But have you ever considered whether it could work for your business? More often than not, switching from to VoIP brings a whole host of benefits for your business, including big savings.

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EU Roaming Charges Now Extinct – What You Need to Know

roaming charges

The day has finally come – roaming charges in the EU have officially been scrapped. If you regularly do business abroad, your bills could be about to be slashed dramatically.

Since the end of April last year, roaming charges have been running at reduced costs and add-ons and extras have been available to cut costs even further. Now though, many trips won’t incur any additional fees whatsoever.

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