Hosted, Cloud & VoIP systems

Hosted, Cloud & VoIP Systems

Stay in touch wherever you are with Yappl or BT.

Smart features everyone in your business will make the most of, wherever they are.

Reduce costs and increase productivity with a Hosted Telephone System. Unify all communications and enjoy a seamless solution for your business.

Instead of using a box on a wall, we’ll be routing your telephone traffic via VoIP using our servers. This means calls are routed to you the same way, no matter what. Less complicated equipment, no expensive maintenance contracts, modern technology, and no extra training needed to use it.

Choose a Hosted Telephony solution from Yappl or BT and benefit from a flexible, powerful and unique service that’s chock-full of advanced features.

Yappl Hosted Telephony

Smooth and seamless business communications.

Giving your business a reliable, high-performance connection is our priority.

You’ll be joining more than 60,000 other users on our system, powered by multiple dedicated and high-performance datacentres in the UK.

We’ll keep you reliably connected. Over the last 10 years, our average uptime is a pretty darn impressive 99.99%.

If new equipment is needed, our partners include Yealink, Cisco, Polycom and Panasonic. There are plenty of options, and in many instances, we can accommodate your existing handsets.


BT Cloud Voice Express

The digital phone line that goes wherever you go.

Cloud Voice Express lets you make and take calls on your business number from anywhere. So you stay in touch and in control wherever you go.

With the Cloud Voice Express app, you can make and receive calls on your business number from your smartphone. Messages are converted to text and sent to your mobile, plus listen to all messages straight from the app.

We include a deskphone with the bundle at no extra charge, to use with a digital phone line.

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Why choose A1 Comms for your Business Telephony?

From award-winning solutions to market-leading SLA’s and the latest equipment, there are plenty of reasons to choose A1 Comms as your business telephony partner:

  • We’ll help you choose the right solution for your business. Through our own-brand Yappl or as Premier Partners of BT, we’re flexible enough to meet your needs.
  • We talk business, not tech – it’s all about understanding how we can support your business.
  • No need for expensive maintenance contracts, we’ll take care of it.
  • Reliability, guaranteed.
  • Outstanding support and customer service. The proof? We’re rated 5* on Trust Pilot.

Supporting your business for the word go

Supporting your business from the word “go”

From the moment you decide to work with us, we’ll be ready to make sure you get the most out of your new telephony package.

This starts with advice and support with designing and optimising your solution. Then together, we’ll devise a watertight plan for implementation alongside our supplier partners, Yappl and BT.

Once up and running, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager. They’ll be there to answer your queries and ensure the service is exactly what you expect.

Better business communications

Better business communications

Hosted telephony brings a whole load of advantages to your business communications. Instead of phone lines, you’ll be using your internet connection to make and receive calls.

This cloud-based system means we’ll be routing your phone traffic via VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). No more clunky, outdated equipment in a box on the wall.

In other words, your communications continue seamlessy no matter where you are, provided you’re connected.

It’s not only more advanced than traditional systems but cheaper too. That’s all thanks to the use of newer technology, without the need for costly service packages.

Smarter features and communications

Smarter features and communications

The basic functionality is the same as a traditional telephony system, but that’s where the similarities end.

Cloud telephony allows your business to revolutionise the way you communicate with colleagues, customers and suppliers. If your business is utilising other applications – CRM for example – hosted telephony lets you integrate communications seamlessly across your teams.

Users can access the system through a standard handset or softphone – a desktop or mobile application allowing them to keep in touch whenever, and wherever they need to be. All the call management features you rely on in the office – forwarding, automatic routing, voicemail, transfers and so on – are accessible from any location.

Clous and VoIP systems are the future

Cloud and VoIP Systems are the Future

If you’re using a traditional phone system, the clock is ticking. ISDN will slowly be phased out over the coming years, to be replaced by IP telephony.

By switching now, you’ll not only reap the rewards hosted telephony brings, but also be prepared for the future of business communications.

Never miss a call

Never miss a call

Whether it’s a Yappl or BT system, you can rest assured that reliability and continuity are guaranteed.

Hosted telephony comes with resilient backup options, so even if things go wrong, you won’t notice a thing.

Because there’s no costly PBX equipment on site, we’re responsible for maintenance. Software and hardware are all taken care of – so it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Phone system

A phone system that can grow with your business

Supporting your business growth is at the heart of what we do. With a hosted telephony system, you can upgrade, add new features and team members with ease.

It’s a scalable, flexible way to manage your communications, and we’re ready to help you implement it with fast provisioning and dedicated UK-based technical support.

You’ll only ever pay for what you need, giving you peace of mind when it comes to expenses, too.

Hosted Telephony FAQs

For businesses with multiple users, perhaps across different sites and working remotely, it’s the ideal solution. Especially if you’re looking to reduce the cost of communications and increase productivity.

You’ll also gain greater control, with everything managed from a single interface, right down to individual user level.

For growing businesses adopting modern and flexible ways of working, it’s a no-brainer.

This information may be on billing/invoices from your current telephone provider. If you can’t find the details, we’ll be able to tell from the name and model of your desk phone.

ISDN uses physical telephone lines installed at your premises, connected to a telephone system and allowing you to make and receive calls.

It’s ageing technology, and there are now more advanced, flexible and cost-effective options that can futureproof your telephony setup.

This is important because BT has already put a plan in place to terminate the ISDN network by 2025. Although this seems a long time in the future, by switching to newer technology now you’re likely to save money.

As well as taking advantage of the features VoIP has to offer, your business will be better prepared, and have one less thing to worry about.

Using hosted telephony, audio and video are transmitted digitally, and comparable to ISDN lines in terms of quality.

The key factor affecting this is your network bandwidth – and that’s where a good business broadband package or leased line comes in.

With Yappl HT, “on-net” calls are delivered with a high-definition (HD) codec.

Sure, we’re able to provide trial licence(s) and desk phone(s), set up for you to make and receive some test calls.

We can transfer and keep all your existing phone numbers. Even better, on a hosted platform you’re no longer restricted by physical location.

This means wherever your people are, their phone can present a local number of your choice.

We manage this with you and your IT team or partners to ensure a smooth changeover.

Configuration and setup are usually carried out before arrival on site. Then we can set up the hardware alongside your current system. This limits downtime to a matter of minutes while the number port is completed.

This is dependent on the number of users and your requirements.

You report all faults to our in-house support team either via email or phone.

We’ll then take the necessary steps to fix the fault within our SLA.

This is one of the main reasons to consider our hosted telephony solutions.

Our platform is extremely reliable. So much so, there have only been 27 minutes of network-level downtime in the last 10 years. This is made even more remarkable considering there are over 60,000 seats using it.

In the unlikely event of a fault specific to your site, our target response time is 1 hour, and resolution time is 6 hours.

Our system also has a built-in failover plan, should any kind of outage occur.

BT has invested millions into the platform. It’s reliable, stable and flexible.

It has a host of features you can take advantage of, without the need for expensive hardware or on-site engineering.

Yappl uses one of the most reliable and stable hosted telephony platforms available.

Not only is it feature-rich, but because it’s our own solution, we can configure it to exactly suit your business needs.

You’ll never be packed off to anyone else for support because we have our own in-house engineering and support team.

We manage everything for you – meaning your life is easier and less stressful!


"A1 Comms Business has been unbelievably accommodating in working around our schedules, ensuring a smooth, seamless transition over to a new 'Yappl' phone system. The team has been excellent, very accommodating and hugely supportive in the current challenging climate. A1 Comms have been able to provide our business with emergency mobiles on very short term temporary contracts, which has meant our team was up and running immediately and could continue to operate remotely. It’s hard to put into words the understanding and patience A1 Comms Business have shown."

Stephen Morley
IT Systems Manager

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