Leased Lines

Three exciting full fibre products from Yappl with CityFibre On-net options available in Nottingham, Sheffield and Derby, with nationwide coverage both On and Off-net. Available with zero install costs** (3 year contract).

Fully supported by A1 Comms Business and Yappl experts.

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Best Selling Leased Line

CityFibre Flex Business Class Full Fibre

£199 per month + VAT

  • 1000M/bit burst speed (Download) – minimum guaranteed speed of 200M/bit (up & down)
  • Leased Line SLA's (5 hour fix) and managed Cisco Endpoint
  • Option of backup FTTC/ADSL circuit with automatic failover (£50 p/m)
  • Shared Service
  • Available with zero install costs**
    (3 year contract)
  • Fully supported 24/7/365
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CityFibre Full 1000

£359 per month + VAT

  • 1000M/bit up and down at all times
  • Leased Line SLA’s (5 hour fix) and managed Cisco Endpoint
  • Option of backup FTTC/ADSL circuit with automatic failover (£50 p/m)
  • Dedicated Service
  • Available with zero install costs**
    (3 year contract)
  • Fully supported 24/7/365

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We also have a full portfolio of Leased Lines (100Mbit – 10Gbit) from all major carriers for areas that are not yet On-net with Cityfibre starting from as low as £230.

**Subject to survey (option to cancel should civils be required)

Yappl Fully Managed Leased Line

Don’t let poor download and upload speeds slow down your business.

In business, there aren’t many things with a near 100% service level. You can count Yappl leased line services among them.

You’ll also have peace of mind thanks to technical support available 24/7, and backup lines in case of faults.

Only pay for what you use – the extra bandwidth is ready and available when you need it. You’re not overpaying for a service you don’t need, but at the same time, you won’t have to replace any of the infrastructure or technology should your requirements grow with your business.

We’ll put together a package to match your current situation, with flexibility built-in.


Why choose A1 Comms for your leased line?

From award-winning solutions to market-leading SLA’s and the latest equipment, there are plenty of reasons to choose A1 Comms as your leased line partner:

  • We’ll help you choose the right solution for your business. Through our own brand Yappl, as a City Champion of CityFibre or as a Authorised Partner of BT, we’re flexible enough to meet your needs.
  • Flexible solutions for small, medium and larger businesses.
  • Speed and reliability guaranteed, with backup resilience built-in.
  • We talk business, not tech – it’s all about understanding how we can support your business.
  • No need to worry about limited data – use as much as you need.
  • Outstanding support and customer service. The proof? We’re rated 5* on Trust Pilot.

Supporting your business

Supporting your business from the word "go"

From the moment you decide to work with us, we’ll be ready to make sure you get the most out of your new leased line.

This starts with advice and support with designing and optimising your solution. Then together, we’ll devise a watertight plan for implementation alongside our supplier partners, Yappl and BT.

Once up and running, you’ll be assigned a dedicated account manager. They’ll be there to answer your queries and ensure the service is exactly what you expect.

Better business communications

Connectivity your business can depend on

If your business-critical operations depend on a stable and dependable connection, we’ve got you covered.

We understand that a poor connection and service costs you time and money.

Instead of splitting bandwidth with the neighbours, get a seamless connection for your business with a leased line from Yappl or BT.

Always connected

Always connected

Our leased lines have what’s known as built-in resilience. For you, that means uninterrupted service and business as usual thanks to our backup systems.

You’ll also get outstanding technical support on tap – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It’s not just a “best-effort” response either. We’re 100% committed to resolving any issues you experience within our SLA.

When communication is the foundation of your business, this peace of mind is invaluable.

No nasty surprises

No nasty surprises

With a leased line, there’s no need to pay for more than you need.

That’s because they’re capped by what’s known as a committed data rate (CDR) and bearer.

The bearer is the upper limit on your speed, and the committed data rate can be tailored to match your existing bandwidth needs. For example, you might only need 100Mbps (CDR) currently, but have 1000Mbps as a bearer.

When your business grows, upgrading is simple. You won’t be left with an expensive bill for new and improved infrastructure, because a leased line is flexible enough to grow with you.

Gigabit Cities are coming

Gigabit Cities are the future of business connectivity. As our everyday lives, both at home and work, become inseparable from digital technology, the fibre network revolution is gathering pace.

Economic and social growth will only improve as full-fibre infrastructure is rolled out around the UK. As each new Gigabit City comes online, its attractiveness to investors and entrepreneurs increases.

It’s also a revolutionary development for the public sector, benefitting local government, health and the education system.

Leased Line FAQs

On average, business data consumption is increasing by 20% per annum. This means increasing demands on your bandwidth and connection. Our leased lines are the ideal answer.

With speeds from 10Mbps right up to 10Gbps, you’ll be able to choose the right package to match your requirements.

Whether it’s data transfer, applications or communications – don’t let a poor connection speed be the bottleneck on your business.

Leased lines give you uninterrupted and exclusive access to a high-speed fibre connection. It’s for your business and your business alone.

It’s an ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. Especially those that rely on the steady transfer of data, internet access and VoIP communications.

What else makes it different from a regular fibre connection? You’ll get symmetrical speeds. In other words, upload and download speeds are identical.

This means less time to upload large files and guaranteed accessibility to cloud-based services.

Typically, there are 3 important speeds to note:

1) Bearer Speed, which gives you the maximum capability of the physical internet line to premises.

2) Download Speed, which is the actual speed when doing things such as browsing the internet or downloading email attachments.

3) Upload Speed, which is the actual speed when doing things such as uploading attachments to an email, uploading files to a server or saving to cloud-based storage

Fibre refers to the cable used. It’s the type of technology Leased Lines use to ensure high performance and a reliable connection into your premises.

Home broadband doesn’t have any real guarantees when it comes to speed.

It is a “contended service”, which means that at peak usage times your speeds could be significantly lower.

In terms of service, with no SLA – if you have issues with speeds or even a total loss of service there is no expectation or target fix time.

Business leased lines offer guaranteed, uncontended speeds at all times and a target availability of 99.9%. If there are critical issues, target resolution time is only 7 hours.

This stands for Service-Level Agreement and outlines our commitments as your service provider. It will give you details of the quality and availability of the service, as well as the responsibilities of both parties.

You don’t need to worry about this, as we’ll manage everything on your behalf. This includes arranging surveys prior to physical installation.

We’d normally advise that the leased line overlaps your current internet service for a short period to allow for testing and continuity during the switchover.

The standard lead time is 65-75 days, however this becomes clearer after the initial survey which we arrange with OpenReach.

This isn’t a problem as a leased line can be installed at any premises. We’ll arrange for a new agreement depending on your new location.

A new internet service can certainly have an impact on your IT systems. However, we’ll happily discuss this with your IT team/partner in advance of the switchover to make sure all relevant information is considered.

This way, we’ll minimise any impact on your business and its employees, ensuring a smooth process.

As an independent provider, we have the advantage of multiple options when it comes to the right service and solutions for your business and its requirements.

We’re also one of a small number of trusted Authorised BT Partners, so we can offer exclusive deals you won’t find elsewhere.

We’re also able to provide you with better service and response times by leveraging this status to skip typical first-line support procedures.

Yappl is the brand name for our own business telephony and internet service offering.

It’s A1 Comms owned, and we have our own in-house engineering and service teams specifically to manage and service clients.

We have various wholesale options we can use. This means you get honest advice and a tailored, cost-effective solution for your business requirements.

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