Leased Line

Enterprise grade highly secure connectivity solutions. Future proof your business with our 24/7 managed and monitored leased line services. Enjoy high speeds, total bandwidth control, enterprise class SLA and reliable up-times.

A1 Leased Line is a is a high speed, reliable and dedicated internet connectivity solution, combining voice (SIP) and data, in one fully-managed, enterprise-grade, low-latency service. Our team of trusted connectivity professionals can provide your business with a complete, bespoke solution.

EFM – Ethernet first mile

Ethernet First Mile brings critical connectivity to small businesses. Providing symmetrical bandwidth of up to 20 Mbps with no contention, our Ethernet First Mile connectivity is reliable, consistent and does not slow down with increased usage.

Ethernet First Mile is resilient and covered by our industry-leading SLAs. This makes it perfectly suited to SMEs that require consistent access to business-critical applications.

Bridging the gap between broadband and leased lines, Ethernet First Mile provides businesses with an excellent combination of speed, resilience and cost.

Fully Managed Leased Line

Fibre leased lines deliver a high performance, reliable internet connection. Using fibre-optic technology, fibre leased lines provide speeds from 1mb – 20Gbps.

A dedicated, symmetric connection, a fibre leased line solution will equip your business with dedicated connectivity at superfast speeds.

A direct Fibre connection is created to serve your organisation exclusively. Because you never share your connection, you will enjoy super-fast connectivity 24/7 – including at peak times.

Fibre leased line connectivity is symmetric, meaning that your upload and download speeds are identical. This makes it suitable for companies which have significant uploading and downloading requirements – such as those using VPNs or VoIP.

By guaranteeing speeds and allowing businesses to customise their solution to match their specific needs, A1 Comms fibre leased lines are ideal for businesses which require high-quality connectivity in order to continue operating effectively.

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