Machine-to-machine technology allows for a more informed, efficient and agile business.

Machine-to-machine (M2M) lets you connect any machine to any other machines (and to your people) via special SIMs over a mobile network. This allows them to exchange all sorts of useful real-time information on how a remote asset is performing.

For example, knowing where a car is located, knowing that a refrigerator is low on pressure or knowing that a vending machine is faulty might be vital to your business and receiving this information remotely can help your company work smarter plus enhance your customers’ experience.

More than 40% of businesses see M2M as important, yet fewer than 20% have actually introduced it. So for those that do, it’s a great way to gain that competitive edge. Contact A1 Comms and let us give you that advantage!

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Why Choose A1 Comms for your Machine-to-Machine (M2M)?

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Real-Time Communication

A1 Comms’ M2M solutions allow users to actively exchange real-time information. Remotely connect with other machines and devices within your network to assess how each is performing for your business.

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No More Emergency Panics

M2M takes the pressure off your staff manually checking that everything is order. At the touch of a button, find out where your attention needs to be and rectify any impending changes as and when they present themselves.

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Save Time, Money and Resources

With M2M setup to alert you of upcoming issues, you and your staff are free to pursue more pressing business activities and bring in more revenue for your company.

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Friendly Advice Readily Available

Implementing new solutions within your business can sometimes be a tricky scenario; especially if you need to get it right straight away. Our M2M solutions come with a dedicated accounts manager who will gladly help you if you ever need them to.

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Part of Your Unified Communications Suite

A1 Comms offers a complete unified communications package. M2M can work effortlessly with any other communications solutions you have taken out to ensure your business is running smoothly and efficiently.

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Compatible with a Number of Devices

Connect to just about any machine to check current status and easily remedy pesky nuisances before they appear in front of you.

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Secure Network

Only your authorised staff will be able to access your M2M system. Safety and security as standard for an even bigger sense of protection.

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Providing You with the Best

Feel free to get in touch with us today and let us talk you through exactly how we can help your business with all of your M2M requirements.


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