Mobile Device Management allows you to keep your business mobiles and data secure.

With more employees using their own devices for work-related tasks, businesses need to ensure that all devices, whether company-issued or employee-owned are safe and secure.

A1 Comms’ powerful yet flexible Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions allow businesses to securely control access, content and applications, as well as set policies to protect information, without wasting time on administration.

If your business requires remote locking and device wiping, split business and personal data capabilities, secure access to the Intranet and more, then contact A1 Comms and let us help secure your devices with our MDM solutions.

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Whitehouse Construction

Savings: 46%

“Whitehouse Construction Co. Ltd relies on a dependable and effective communication service. A1 Comms are a professional service provider who offers very competitive rates. A1 Comms have made significant savings on our communication costs. Particularly impressive is their free 24/7 handset replacement service.”

Rob Sear
Company Accountant, Whitehouse Construction, Ashbourne, Derbyshire

Why Choose A1 Comms for your Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

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Secure Data across All Devices

MDM solutions from A1 Comms offer secure control meaning your important data is protected and only in the hands of those who are authorised. Business mobiles can be set up to stave off the dangers of data breaches.

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Controllable Access

You decide who can gain access to each and every device as well as any relevant applications, software or content you may have had installed resulting in greater peace of mind and an almost risk free mobile device management system.

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On Hand Assistance

If for any reason you encounter an issue, your dedicated accounts manager will be able to provide the help you require and make sure your MDM solution is as efficient as it possibly can be.

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Bespoke Pricing

We understand that not everybody has the same business MDM needs. That’s why each and every one of our price plans are unique to their respective user. You don’t want to be overpaying and we’re here to ensure that doesn’t happen.

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Unified Communications Capabilities

MDM can work alongside current communications solutions such as, VoIP, broadband and business mobile phones to complete your adaptable unified communications suite and provide your company with the capabilities needed to keep on growing.

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Compatible with a Number of Devices

No matter what devices your business uses, MDM can be applied to all of your handsets. A1 Comms can cater for a whole range of top of the line smartphones and tablets to ensure that your data, content and programs are in safe and secure.

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Keeping You Safe in More than One Way

MDM works in many ways to ensure data protection and security. Mobile device management from A1 Comms allows you set and control policies, remotely lock and erase data from devices, limit data usage for applications and enable secure intranet and internet connections.

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Achieving the Most for Your Business

Why delay? To find out how we can provide your business with an MDM solution offering simple yet secure controls and access call one of our team today.


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