Samsung Announce Galaxy S10 Series

Samsung Galaxy S10

February 20th marked the 10th anniversary of Samsung’s iconic Galaxy series, and the brand celebrated the occasion by launching a selection of all-new models. The San Francisco event was a chance to reflect on a decade of continuous innovation by the brand as well as looking forward to its bright future. During the event, which was live-streamed for Samsung’s millions of global fans, a wealth of new releases were announced including a variety of enhanced models and even wearable tech.

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A1 Comms Celebrate Record Breaking Turnover

A1 Comms record breaking turnover

A1 Comms are proud to announce that they witnessed a record-breaking turnover in 2018 as predictions confirm they are set to hit upwards of £130 million by the end of their financial year in March. The news of this comes as A1 announce that they are setting their sights on a target revenue of £150 million over the coming year. Surpassing the £150 million mark for the year end 2020 would mean a growth in turnover of over 13% and A1 Comms are confident that they will achieve this.

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