The Top 10 Mobile Apps for Business

Mobile technology is transforming the way that we do business. The age of WiFi, mobile internet, smart phones and tablets has seen business become more fast-paced and on-demand.

As a result, there is now a whole host of apps available to help and improve business. From accounting to marketing, there is something for every department and every company. These are our top picks of the apps on the market right now.

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Memory, Storage, MP and More – A Mobile Phone Glossary of Terms

When you’re shopping for a new phone, you’ll come across a whole range of abbreviations and technical terms. If you’re not especially tech savvy then it can be difficult to know or remember what they all mean. Or maybe you have a vague idea but aren’t exactly sure what that means in terms of performance or functions when you’re using the phone. In this blog post we clear up what all the common acronyms and terms mean.

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10 Ways Business Mobiles Help with Business Management

In the modern age, business mobiles are so much more than a basic means of staying in touch with colleagues when out of the office. Thanks to the huge accelerations in technology and mobile internet, we can now carry out an astonishing number of tasks on our mobile devices. This has of course had a massive impact on running a business. Business mobiles are now integral to day-to-day operations in many businesses. Here we outline the main benefits and the ways business mobiles can facilitate business management.

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