Samsung Business Mobile Phones

Samsung Business Mobile Phones

Samsung technology that can transform your business.

Our Samsung business mobiles come with the solutions you need built into them, from greater protection against threats to better control over your fleet of devices. And lots more in between.

Unique to Samsung, Enterprise Edition is an integrated package of tools and technology that help you protect and mange your business mobiles more easily. Enjoy greater control over software and security updates, increased reliability with 3 years of enhanced service support, and improved simplicity.

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Samsung Knox

Market-proven, trusted security to advance your business

Keep your company data safe with the defence-grade security of Knox Platform that protects your device from the chip up. Built into the device’s hardware and software from the start, Samsung Knox protects your rugged device from the minute it's turned on. Offering multi-layered security, it defends your most sensitive information from malware and malicious threats.

Knox Configure

Configure your mobile fleet straight out of the box

Make configuring and deploying your fleet of rugged mobile devices much quicker and simpler. With Knox Configure, you get more control over settings, restrictions, apps and other mobile content—allowing you to set-up and switch specific user group configurations. You can even configure all your devices remotely, with automatic updates via Wi-Fi or mobile data. All of which means your workforce can be up and running as soon as they turn on their phone, wherever they are.

Biometric authentication

Securely unlock in an instant

With built-in biometric security, only you can unlock your rugged device using your unique fingerprint or facial profile. The fingerprint scanner makes unlocking your phone quick and simple, while facial recognition allows easy unlocking with one hand or when wearing gloves.

Knox Manage

Remotely manage devices and troubleshoot problems.

Knox Manage gives you the tools to take full control your mobile fleet in real time with a single IT admin. It enables you to apply over 280 unique policies including limiting certain apps and websites; and restricting specific features at certain times and locations.


Easily manage and schedule updates across your Samsung mobile fleet.

Make it easier to manage mobile firmware and security updates. With a number of devices in your mobile fleet, it’s possible that some could be running different versions of your OS. Samsung Enterprise Firmware Over-The-Air on MDM (E-FOTA on MDM) is a tool that enables you to remotely update the OS across your entire Samsung fleet via your MDM—ensuring everyone is on the same version. It also allows you to test version updates and new apps to ensure stability, reliability and in-house capabilities before rolling them out. You can even set updates to happen automatically, without users having to log in and do anything. So, you get more control over all your company’s devices and users get a more unified mobile experience.

4 Year security patch

Stay ahead of security threats

Keep your business protected from mobile security threats. With Galaxy Enterprise Edition, you get 4 years of firmware updates either monthly or quarterly*, so you can be sure all of your mobile devices are up to date with the latest Android and Samsung security and maintenance patches. This helps protect your fleet of Samsung devices against malware, phishing or any software malfunction that might pose a threat to your business information.

* 4 years from first global market launch. S Series, Note Series, Tab Active Pro, XCover Pro, XCover 4s and A50 updates are available monthly for the first three years, then quarterly for the final year.

Easy to use, hard to break

In the work environment, professionals need phones and tablets that they can rely on with high performance and the best protection.

Samsung Rugged

Samsung Galaxy rugged technology has been designed to help frontline employees overcome barriers and obstacles in challenging environments. All are built to military-grade certification and are water, dust and drop-resistant. So, you can be confident when using them on a building site or out in the field-even if it’s wet or you’re wearing gloves. POGO pins on the side of your device also provide convenient charging of multiple devices enabling continuous use so you can avoid workflow disruptions.

Strong and Reliable



Our devices have achieved an international standard rating of IP68. They can withstand dust/dirt/sand, and are resistant to submersion, up to a maximum depth of 1.5m underwater for up to thirty minutes.



Our rugged devices have achieved the highest military standards for survivability and endurance.



Anti-shock protection make our devices extra durable.

Pogo PIN

Pogo PIN/Fast charging

The POGO Charging Dock’s pins make charging easy, with no extra plugging in required. Fast charging adds 15% faster speed.

Samsung DeX

It’s a phone and PC in one.

Enjoy Samsung DeX by directly connecting your Samsung Galaxy phones to a monitor with a single cable* for a PC-like experience. Access a world of apps and documents optimised to let you work like you do on a PC. You can still use every feature of the Samsung Galaxy phones while you’re connected to the big screen.

*USB-C to HDMI cable and accessories sold separately

Samsung DeX

One UI

Designed around the way you use your phone.

See only what you need. Find focus in what you’re doing. And use your phone in a way that feels like second nature. Our One UI interface works with the way you use your phone. Screens are uncluttered. Icons pop with colour. We’ve even made it easier to use one-handed. Every small detail has been designed to make a big difference.

One UI

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

A desktop experience one shortcut away.

Experience a full PC-like experience in a slim tablet with Samsung DeX. The new Keyboard Cover includes a built-in mouse pad that’s designed to make navigating every document completely intuitive. It also has a dedicated key for quick access to DeX mode, letting you drag and drop items, multitask and finish your work from your laptop with VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface)* support.

Samsung S6 Tab Dexs

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