Virtual Landline

Our virtual landline product In-Motion gives your business a landline number that rings straight to your mobile so you never miss a call.

Being constantly on-the-go for business often involves taking calls on your mobile, but giving out your mobile number can appear unprofessional… This is when In Motion Plus can help.

  • Low commitment package
  • Low monthly cost
  • Inclusive 01, 02 or 03 number
Tariff Name Description Price Per Minute Tenure Price
In-Motion Number redirect to mobiles 3p 30 days £4.99
Per Month + VAT
In-Motion Plus Number redirect to mobiles with inclusive divert minutes* Inclusive 12 months £9.99
Per Month + VAT

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Why Choose A1 Comms for your Virtual Landline?

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Never Miss a Call

With virtual landline, In-Motion, calls are redirected to your business mobile without the need for you to be giving out multiple phone numbers to clients. Your office telephone can be in your pocket meaning you are always available.

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Incredibly Priced

For a low cost and an almost zero commitment time, virtual landline can be yours for as little as 30 days, perfect if you’re unsure on how many calls you’ll get. In-Motion Plus is all-inclusive – just pay the monthly fee and calls are free.

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Appear as You Like

Virtual landline allows you to have a phone number that appears in any way you like. You can have 01, 02 or 03 contact numbers depending on the intended use of In-Motion, helping you achieve goals that you have set out.

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Easy Setup

In-Motion can be set up and ready to be used in next to no time. There’s no waiting around for hardware deliveries and installations meaning you’re good to go almost immediately.

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Localised Team

If your staff are located in separate buildings, cities or even countries, a virtual landline can make it seem as though they’re all in one place. A common phone number can give a feeling of unity and togetherness too.

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Forward to Mobiles

Our virtual landline service is compatible with our wide range of business mobiles. In-Motion can be used in conjunction with all of the latest handsets and models that we offer.