Business Hosted VoIP

Voice over IP packs in all the features of a high-end telephone system at a fraction of the cost.

Bypass the costs associated with the public switched telephone network (STUN) and invest in a cloud-based telephony system that will last your business a lifetime.

Business Hosted VoIP Systems require no additional hardware on-site, just your phones, so your business is ready to instantly benefit from the financial savings. You can still experience all the telephony features you’ve come to expect, such as voicemail, messaging, conferencing and call recording, using VoIP.

Scalable and flexible, VoIP allows you to add more users without having to install additional systems. Voice over IP is the future of telephony, so contact A1 Comms to see how cloud-based phone systems can help your business grow.

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VoIP Key Benefits

Hosted VoIP, voice over the internet, is a revolutionary technology turning a simple internet connection into a fully functional phone system. Our VoIP solution offers a secure, reliable platform delivering a quality service that is completely flexible.

Running Cost
One of the most important benefits people first notice with VoIP is the cost saving. With no expensive ISDN phone lines and PBX systems, costs are kept to a minimum.

Call Costs
You will immediately see a decrease in your call costs, however we promise there will be no reduction in quality thanks to our tier 1 connections with our providers.

As long as you have a connection to the internet, you are part of your VoIP phone system, be it in the office, at home or even on holiday you can still make or receive calls. All calls within the system are FREE!

As your business grows, so can the system. No expensive ISDN upgrades or phone system updates, all that is needed is the addition of an extension and an extra handset.

Feature Rich
Our VoIP offering is feature rich with many of your traditional features such as call forwarding, hunt groups and voicemail. But we also offer extra features such as voicemail to email and an intuitive web portal to manage all of these features.

We take care of looking after your system, ensuring it is always operating at 100%, so less cost to you in maintenance and support contracts.

Geographic Reach
In business it is often desirable to have a presence in other parts of the country, with our VoIP platform, you can choose a number from ouir wide range of both geographic and non-geographic number ranges.

Quickstart Features

Quickstart is a fully-featured, hosted IP telephony system. An overview of it’s features includes:

Standard Features
Calling Bundle
Inclusive calling to standard UK landline and UK mobiles*
Call Handling
Call Divert to internal, external or mobile number
Call Forward to internal, external or mobile numbers
Call Groups
Call Park
Call Transfer to internal, external or mobile numbers
Call Waiting
Do Not Disturb
Last Number Redial
Line Monitoring
Mobile twinning
Quick dial Short Codes
Three-way Call
Call and contact management
Block anonymous calls
Company Address Book
Events Diary
Fax receipt and forwarding by email
Music on Hold
Personal Address Book
SMS, screen and email alertsk
Voicemail by email
Voicemail on-line
Voicemail forwarding
Personal and Shared Voicemail boxes
System Management
Automatic reports
Block unwanted calls
Failover alternate numbers
Internal Telephone Directory
Monitor Calls History
Password and pin number protection
Track and bar unauthorised calls
Update, add or remove users
Optional Extras
Call Recording
Auto Attendant
Call Queueling

Why Choose A1 Comms for your Business VOIP?

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Greatly Reduced Phone Bills

Let us set you up with a Business Hosted VoIP System and you will notice an almost immediate impact on your outgoings whilst retaining the best features of a state of the art telephone service.

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Solutions to Suit You

With our Basic, Standard and Premium Business Hosted VoIP Solutions, you determine the level of service you need. We can talk you through the selection process and will make certain that you get the perfect deal.

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Incredible Features

With so many aspects to our Business Hosted VoIP Systems you can be sure of receiving the best benefits. Ranging from traditional voicemail services to conference calling, you can ease your mind in the knowledge that your solutions is tailored to you.

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Step by Step Assistance

What may seem complicated at first will be second nature once we have spoken you through your options and advised you on what is best for you specifically. We endeavour to assist you from start to finish in finding an appropriate Business Hosted VoIP System and will never suggest a deal not suited to your business.

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Effortless Expanding

Only an extension or an extra handset is required to upgrade our Business VoIP, meaning that the growth of your business will never be affected by any limitations.

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Always be in the Office

Your customers and clients will always be able to reach you with any of our Business VoIP Systems. Be anywhere in the world and as long as you have an internet connection, you will not lose any business.